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The world’s cleanest, smartest muscle-restoring post-workout formula

  • Protects muscles against breakdown*
  • Promotes robust growth + fast recovery*
  • Sport-drink-in-a-capsule: Just add water*
Upgrade Yourself®with Performance Lab® SPORT Post
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Healthy gains, faster recovery and a stronger return to action

Working out can damage muscles, deplete vital fluids and inflame connective tissues – limiting muscle growth and lengthening downtime.

SPORT Post counters these negative effects to restore depleted nutrients, recharge muscle and optimize growth and repair.

SPORT Post also efficiently rehydrates (when taken with water) with an innovative sports-drink-in-a-capsule design. All in clean, vegan-friendly NutriCaps®.

Take SPORT Post for healthy gains, fast recovery and a strong return to action. Amplify your gains and athleticism over time.

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Designed for Performance

  • Promotes greater muscle growth than exercise alone*
  • Supports faster, more comfortable muscle recovery after exertion*
  • Stimulates muscle stem cells and boosts muscle ATP energy production*
  • Reloads depleted muscles so you are stronger for your next session*

Healthy for Daily Use

  • Innovative sports-drink-in-a-capsule design rehydrates body when taken with water*
  • Ultramodern Creapure® pH10, SR Carnosyn®, P40p™ and NutriGenesis®
  • Safe, natural support for muscle development and muscle health*
  • Vegan prebiotic-infused NutriCaps® from pullulan (fermented tapioca)
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Supplement Facts
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Creapure® pH10 Creatine, 1750 mg

Creatine’s ability to energize, strengthen and nourish muscle makes it a leading ingredient for both pre- and post-workout supplements.

Concern: Creatine is depleted by intense exercise, limiting its ability to continue supporting muscles after physical exertion.

SPORT Post’s Creapure® pH10 restores creatine to exercise-depleted muscles, where it promotes healthy growth, repair and recovery by:

  1. Maintaining ATP energy in muscle, helping to power anabolic processes;
  2. Increasing synthesis of proteins and stem cells that are used to form new muscle;
  3. Raising insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in muscle to promote development;
  4. Modulating oxidative stress, myostatin and other muscle-inhibiting factors.

SPORT Post Creapure® pH10 is 99.5% pure creatine monohydrate that is pH-balanced to enhance creatine bioavailability while reducing bloating and gastric distress.

Creapure® pH10 Creatine
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SR Carnosyn® Beta Alanine, 1200 mg

SR Carnosyn® Beta Alanine

SR CarnoSyn® is advanced Beta Alanine: An overall pre- and post-workout muscle booster that works by raising muscle carnosine.

Loading and maintaining carnosine stores is an effective sports nutrition strategy for muscle recovery after training and enhanced athletic performance in your next game or session:

SR CarnoSyn® muscle recovery support

  1. Helps neutralize exercise-induced, muscle-damaging free radicals;
  2. Inhibits protein-damaging advanced glycation end-products (AGEs);
  3. Muscle-alkalizing pH regulator buffers impact of muscle-damaging acids

SR CarnoSyn® muscle performance support

  1. Increases the working capacity of muscle;
  2. Delays the onset of muscle fatigue and failure;
  3. Boosts overall muscle strength and endurance

SPORT Post SR CarnoSyn® is patented, extended-release beta-alanine that gradually raises and sustains high levels of muscle carnosine over time. SR CarnoSyn® remains in the body longer for maximum muscle loading and enables higher dosing without typical beta alanine tingling discomfort.

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SPORT Post + SPORT Pre + SPORT Maintain is your convenient solution for getting the consistent daily beta alanine and creatine intake shown to produce the best muscle benefits in human research.

Pre, Post, and Maintain

Ajinomoto® L-Glutamine, 600 mg

L-Glutamine – the most abundant amino acid in the body – is most highly concentrated in muscle. Here, it plays a key role in protein metabolism while functioning as the primary carrier of nitrogen needed for muscle energy, growth and repair.

L-Glutamine also supplies complementary training and anabolic support to SPORT Post by:

  1. Increasing blood levels of growth hormone to make glutathione, a potent antioxidant that fights immune challenges that may accompany overtraining;
  2. Protecting muscle gains. Intense exercise depletes muscle L-glutamine levels; muscles may atrophy without sufficient glutamine present

SPORT Post L-Glutamine by Ajinomoto® is made with Ferment-A-Pure technology: A patented, eco-friendly process that turns non-GMO and gluten-free vegetable carbs into clean, bioavailable amino acids.

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P40p Organic Pomegranate Extract, 100 mg

Pomegranate is a rich source of polyphenols: Antioxidants shown to enhance muscle circulation, fight muscle-damaging free radicals and soothe muscle aches.

Pomegranate’s specific naturally-occurring polyphenol complex has been shown in clinical research to promote muscle comfort and recovery after exercise.

SPORT Post's P40p™ is pomegranate extract with 40% punicosides and 50% total polyphenols. SPORT Post 100 mg P40p™ supplies the equivalent antioxidant activity of 1 whole pomegranate.

Punicic Acid Anthocyanidin
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Himalayan Pink Salt, 350 mg

Himalayan Pink Salt

Beyond maintaining hydration during workouts, salt helps to restore fluids and electrolytes that are depleted by intense training. Salt also optimizes absorption of amino acids.

SPORT Post Himalayan Pink Salt is premium unprocessed salt comprised of sodium chloride plus electrolytes and trace minerals potassium, magnesium and calcium.

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NutriGenesis® Potassium, 25 mg

Potassium is a mineral electrolyte that helps muscle contraction, cardiovascular performance and fluid balance.

During intense exercise, potassium is released from muscle tissues into the bloodstream. Potassium is also lost via sweat during high-intensity workouts.

NutriGenesis® Potassium is lab-grown on cultures using a patented process that complexes the mineral in a matrix of natural cofactors, enhancing its absorption and utilization.

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SPORT Post Electrolytes: Sports Drink in a Capsule

Electrolytes are charged ions that attract water. Exercise depletes electrolytes from muscle tissues – potentially leading to dehydration-related cramps, weakness, dizziness and nausea.

SPORT Post restores delpeted electrolytes with Himalayan Pink Salt (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) and NutriGenesis® Potassium.

Take SPORT Post with water for sports-drink-in-a-capsule benefits that naturally draw fluids into muscle tissues for healthier, faster recovery.

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Who should take Performance Lab® SPORT Post?

SPORT Post is appropriate for all fitness enthusiasts – from serious athletes and bodybuilders to weekend warriors – anyone seeking to support efficient rehydration, faster recovery, and enhanced muscle growth after training.

What makes Performance Lab® SPORT Post different from other post-workout supplements?

Many post-workout supplements are presented as powders that must be mixed with water, or as pre-mixed bottled drinks. Both of these options typically include artificial colors and artificial sweeteners; or, in some cases, calorie-dense natural sweeteners. SPORT Post Is designed as a convenient capsule solution that can simply be taken with water. SPORT Post helps to replenish and restore the body after exercise without the annoyance of mixing powders at the gym or lugging around a bottle in your gym bag.

Why does Performance Lab® SPORT Post have less creatine than other post-workout formulas?

SPORT Post is designed to be stacked with SPORT Pre and SPORT Maintain. Together, these three supplements combine to supply a 2-day total of 3.6 g Creatine (as Creapure® pH10) and 6 g Beta Alanine (as CarnoSyn® and CarnoSyn® SR). SPORT Pre also raises creatine levels in two ways: It both supplies creatine and promotes natural creatine synthesis – increasing the net creatine further when stacked with SPORT Post.

How do I take Performance Lab® SPORT Post?

Take 4-6 capsules immediately following your workout with at least 16 oz of water. Drink more water, up to 32 oz, with SPORT Post depending on the intensity of your workout and amount of fluids lost during exercise. Take SPORT Post consistently.

For best results, take SPORT Post with SPORT Pre and SPORT Maintain. Designed to stack together, SPORT Post + SPORT Pre + SPORT Maintain form the world’s most convenient solution for getting the consistent daily beta alanine + creatine intake shown to produce the best muscle benefits in human clinical research.

Is Performance Lab® SPORT Post safe?

Like all Performance Lab® supplements, SPORT Post is designed to be safe for long-term daily use. Post-Workout achieves this by using pure, potent ingredients that are dosed appropriately and in line with clinical research. SPORT Post’s clean formula design – free of GMOs, gluten, soy, colorants, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and other additives – is also well-tolerated by the body. This supplement is not just safe; it is beneficial for long-term use – helpful in rehydrating the body, restoring lost nutrients, and protecting the muscle you’ve worked so hard to build up.

Is Performance Lab® SPORT Post legal?

Yes. SPORT Post is a safe, natural and 100% legal way to promote recovery after exercise. SPORT Post is also tested for banned substances, and appropriate for use by amateur, collegiate and professional athletes.

How long does Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout take to work?

SPORT Post starts promoting efficient hydration and nutrient restoration as soon as you take it. Additional benefits for muscle growth and repair also start working right away, during sleep cycles after workouts – but those results are typically not evident until 2-3 weeks after regular supplementation combined with consistent exercise and adequate rest.

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Performance Lab® SPORT Post

Ready to upgrade your athletic recovery? Take SPORT Post after exertion to reload muscles, soothe aches and maximize your muscle gains.

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30-Day Performance Promise

Your first order of any Performance Lab® product is covered by our 30-day performance promise.

Put Performance Lab® Post to the test for a full 30 days and if you don’t see results, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Simply get in touch with a member of our Customer Care team to arrange the return of the empty bottle, and any unused bottles.

The Performance Lab® Performance Promise covers one box of any of our products, up to a maximum of three products per order.

Price Promise

SPORT Post stacks well with…


Post + Pre

SPORT Pre + SPORT Post supply unique performance- and recovery-enhancing support plus combined CarnoSyn® beta alanine and Creapure® pH10 creatine benefits.

Take SPORT Pre 30 minutes before exercise to supercharge muscle strength and endurance, followed by SPORT Post after exercise to maximize gains from your high-intensity session.

Take SPORT Pre + SPORT Post as a convenient solution for the consistent daily beta alanine + creatine intake shown to produce the best muscle benefits in human research.

Learn More

Post + Maintain

SPORT Maintain picks up where SPORT Post leaves off, continuing to steadily recharge muscle energy stores and nourish muscle growth over 12 hours on rest day.

SPORT Post + SPORT Maintain both load muscles with SR CarnoSyn® beta alanine and Creapure® pH10 creatine: Ultramodern forms of sports nutrients shown to produce the best muscle benefits when taken consistently over time.

Take SPORT Post + SPORT Maintain to keep your muscles topped-off with the most research-backed sports nutrients for peak athletic performance and healthy muscle gains.

Learn More

Post + Carb

Research shows that carbohydrate and creatine work as a team. Creatine helps carbs to reload muscle glycogen after exercise, while carbs improve creatine uptake into muscle.

Adding SPORT Carb KarboLyn® to SPORT Post Creapure® pH10 creatine maximizes their combined benefits.

Take SPORT Post + SPORT Carb to restore and refuel muscle tissue for faster recovery, bigger growth, and a stronger next session.

Learn More

Post + Sleep

SPORT Post and Sleep form an effective stack for anabolic growth.

SPORT Post supports muscle growth and repair, while Sleep helps extend the deep sleep phases where muscle-building occurs.

Sleep also supplies magnesium bound with glycine. Glycine is a building block for natural creatine synthesis that augments SPORT Post’s Creapure® pH10 creatine.

Learn More

Post + Flex

After exertion, SPORT Post nourishes recovery and reduces soreness so you can get back to the gym sooner.

Flex supplies similar benefits to joints, ligaments and tendons – helping to soothe post-workout aches and stiffness while nourishing connective tissues for optimal repair, comfort and function.

Take SPORT Post + Flex to return to form faster, healthier and stronger.

Learn More


The research and studies behind Performance Lab® SPORT Post.

Learn More


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Himalayan Salt

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