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The world's cleanest and most effective nutrition supplements, functional foods and beverages.

Performance Lab® upholds the highest possible quality standards. Utilizing the world's most advanced and sophisticated nutrition technology. To deliver superior health, wellbeing, and performance benefits.

Every Performance Lab® formula is made with premium research-backed ingredients. Produced to the highest quality clean label standards. And obsessively improved based on the latest research.

image of Nutrigenesis® lab grown plants
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Research-backed ingredients.

Plant-based (vegan certified). Ethically sourced. In advanced forms for premium quality and maximum value.

Our core technology is NutriGenesis® - vitamins and minerals grown as nature intended.

And we work closely with global leaders in nutrition technology to curate the world's most advanced formulas across our entire range.

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Clean Labels.

No pointless ingredients. Just pure, potent performance nutrition. Third-party tested and validated.

Performance Lab® is always non-GMO and non-irradiated. With no allergens, synthetic additives, artificial colors or preservatives. And free from gluten and caffeine (apart from our Caffeine 2™ and Pre Lab Pro® formulations).

In most cases, Performance Lab® capsules are filled with 100% nutrition: No fillers. When required, we use natural fillers such as Nu-FLOW® Rice - never synthetics.

Performance Lab® shows all ingredient dosages and forms right on the label. We never use proprietary blends that hide dosages. We want you to know exactly what you're putting in your body.

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Clean Delivery.

Performance Lab® supplements are delivered in the cleanest and most advanced forms. To suit all diets and lifestyles.
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Our own 100% plant-based capsules (and softgels) are made from prebiotic fibre for optimal absorption and gut comfort.
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The world's first vegan softgel. We use no gelatin (from animals), HPMC, or carrageenan capsules. Ever.
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World's cleanest MCT oil

Using only C8 + C10 MCTs. Sourced from 100% organic non-GMO coconuts, 3X distilled for purity.
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Cutting-Edge Manufacturing.

Performance Lab® manufacturing combines innovation, nature and technology. To deliver pure, potent and effective nutrition solutions.

Our facilities, labs and processes are:

  • Registered with the FDA
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices Certified (NSF cGMP compliant)
  • Natural Products Association Certified (NPA)
  • Underwriter Laboratories Certified (UL)
  • 21 CFR Part 111 compliant
  • Prop 65 compliant
  • USP standards for heavy metals compliant
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certified
  • Specialized Technology Resources (STR) Certified
  • European Supplement Commission compliant
  • US Pharmacopeia Certified

Third-Party Validation.

After our internal quality control tests are complete, Performance Lab® supplements are sent to an external third-party laboratory for analysis.

Independent testing provides objective proof of nutritional purity, potency and quality. Giving you absolute confidence that the content of the bottle exactly matches what is says on the label.

Because of our extensive quality control processes, Performance Lab® products are guaranteed to be clean, pure and potent. From batch to batch. Bottle to bottle. Capsule to capsule.

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Obsessively improved.

We are constantly developing the technologies behind Performance Lab®.

Our global research and development team are always refining and testing the most effective ingredient combinations. In collaboration with University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.

We use Version Control to track formula updates. Please check your labels to see which version of our products you're using.

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Planet friendly.

Performance Lab® ingredients are sustainably sourced. Packed and shipped in recyclable boxes. And soon our bottles will be made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

This year we attained B-corp status. And are proud to partner with CleanHub supporting worldwide efforts to clean up plastic waste.

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100% Quality.

Performance Lab® makes premium quality choices across ALL phases of supplement creation. Delivering key health advantages to YOU.
Ordinary supplements Performance Lab® standards Performance Lab® advantage
  • checkmark icon Use ordinary, low-quality nutrient forms.
  • checkmark icon We always source premium quality nutrient forms.
  • checkmark icon Superior potency, absorption, and effectiveness.
  • checkmark icon Accept raw materials into manufacturing on Certificate of Analysis (COA) paperwork.
  • checkmark icon We quarantine all incoming raw materials. Verifying purity & safety before accepting them.
  • checkmark icon Guaranteed potency, purity and premium quality of all ingredients.
  • checkmark icon Use capsules made from animal-sourced gelatin or cellulose (HPMC).
  • checkmark icon We use NutriCaps® or NutriGels®. 100% plant-based made from a naturally prebiotic fibre.
  • checkmark icon Comfortable digestion, optimal absorption & gut comfort. To suit all diets and lifestyles.
  • checkmark icon Include artificial fillers, colors & preservatives.
  • checkmark icon We avoid all fillers unless necessary for blending. Then use the natural Nu-Flow® Rice.
  • checkmark icon Maximum nutrient content. For optimal impact & value. Nu-Flow® Rice maintains our clean label.
  • checkmark icon Employ old fashioned nutritional combinations & practises that go back decades.
  • checkmark icon We innovate nutritional blends & ground-breaking technology never seen before.
  • checkmark icon State-of-the-art quality for superior health benefits, backed by scientific research.
  • checkmark icon Do not do identity/ safety testing on ingredients or supplements.
  • checkmark icon We perform multiple lab analyses before manufacture & distribution to guarantee purity & bioactivity.
  • checkmark icon Superior quality supplements. Guaranteed safety & efficacy. Labels that match contents.
  • checkmark icon Make 'miracle' claims that are unsubstantiated & misleading.
  • checkmark icon We state science-backed results. And share all our sources & research data.
  • checkmark icon Nutritional integrity. Sharing the science behind our health claims & performance benefits.
  • checkmark icon Use 'dirty' manufacturing, non-sustainable sourcing, factory-famed herbs & eco-unfriendly practises.
  • checkmark icon We source sustainable ingredients. Pack in recyclable bottles & ship in biodegradable materials.
  • checkmark icon Health-enhancing products that support a healthier planet for healthier future generations.
  • checkmark icon Hide dosages in formulas with 'proprietary blends'.
  • checkmark icon We show all dosages of all ingredients all the time.
  • checkmark icon It means you know exactly what you are putting in your body. And can stack formulas safely & effectively.
  • checkmark icon Meet the minimum required manufacturing certifications.
  • checkmark icon We go above and beyond quality, purity & efficacy requirements.
  • checkmark icon Supplements unmatched in quality, effectiveness & value.

Every Performance Lab® formula is made using the latest nutrition technology and highest quality standards.

The result is the world's cleanest and most effective range of health supplements.

Upgrade Yourself with Performance Lab®.

NutriGenesis® Multi is our flagship formula - and the starting point for optimal daily health and wellbeing.

Enhance your energy, gut health, cognition, immunity, sleep, flexibility, vision, and (much) more.

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